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August 1, 2007

CAIR’s Legal Thug Connects Many Dots

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joseph-sandler.jpgSee Michelle Malkin and Hot Air for details on the CAIR attack of Robert Spencer’s speech scheduled for tomorrow before the Young American Foundation. CAIR’s lawyer Joseph E. Sandler has issued a threatening letter in a ham-handed attempt to deny Mr. Spencer an opportunity to speak.

But the heart of this story is Sandler himself, who turns out to be at the center of a lefty vortex. He’s a one-man conspiracy theory in the making, so let’s connect the dots.

First, Sandler’s been General Counsel for the Democratic National Committee since 1993 – first on the DNC staff for five years, then keeping the title but as outside counsel on behalf of his new firm Sandler, Reiff & Young, PC. He’s the legal point man for all things liberal progressive. You might recall his unsavory involvement in the 2000 Florida presidential election fiasco, with Sandler explaining to the press why Gore didn’t want the daily albatross of squeaking out an election win due to a few military votes. “I can give you his exact words. ‘If I won this thing by a handful of military ballots, I would be hounded by Republicans and the press every day of my presidency and it wouldn’t be worth having.’”

Second, Sandler is a heavy hitter with the ABA. He’s Vice Chair of a committee that “considers all matters relating to the administration and regulation of federal and state elections”. He also authored chapters of ABA guidelines that involve congressional ethics and the Foreign (lobbying) Agents Registration Act. Ideal qualifications to be a FOB/FOH, and darn fine credentials for a little CAIR work on the side.

Third, Sandler has developed a reputation as a “muscle” player who doesn’t mind playing hard ball – at least with words on paper. While he looks to be anything but a physical intimidator, he is Powerline’s least favorite legal thug.

Fourth, Sandler and Kos fans run in the same circles – and sometimes Sandler and Markos Zuniga play the same crowds. Sandler spoke last year, as did Zuniga, at Commonweal’s 2006 Progressive Roundtable conference. The videos are worth watching and the Sandler lecture focused on coordination of various progressive organizations to minimize election law and tax law coordination constraints. He claims a strong distrust of the IRS (under Bush), which he believes is more political than at any time since Nixon left office. Ironically, one of the questions from the audience dealt with right wing intimidation tactics to harass liberal groups. You won’t doubt Sandler’s progressive credentials after watching the video.

Fifth, when Sandler left the DNC he really didn’t leave… his new firm would specialize in the creation of nonprofit organizations with political agendas. This led to another area of specialty – finding cracks in the law allowing coordination between the DNC, donkey PACs and other groups with liberal agendas. Later, Sandler and a partner in the firm became “election experts” as well.

Sixth, Sandler and CAIR found each other in the same way congressional liberals and terrorists have discovered they agree on hating Bush. Hooper wants to pay for influence and Uncle Joseph is there to assist. Somehow I suspect Sandler’s firm is improving our payment imbalance with Saudi Arabia, even as he finds time to scold the White House over emailing procedures.

If it seems as if everything progressive flows through Sandler’s firm, you may be right. Want to grow hemp on the back 40? Give old Joe a call.

Yes, I know – at this point you’re thinking I’m about to invent some nebulous George Soros and Joseph Sandler connection just to add frosting on this conspiracy cake. Heck, they did that years ago when Sandler was the legal muscle for MoveOn.org.

Is Joseph E. Sandler the nexus of a vast left-wing conspiratorial universe that involves foreign lobbyists, election scandals, petrol dollars, legal threats, progressive fascism, PAC shenanigans, a socialist billionaire, IRS plots and Black Hills pot farms? Maybe Malkin and O’Reilly will uncover the whole story, but Sandler surely knows how to network.

Photo: Harmless in appearance, leftist nexus Joseph E. Sandler addresses attendees at the 2006 Commonweal Institute “Progressive Roundtable” conference.


July 7, 2007

Rage Boy is Bhat

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rage-boy-772007.jpgHe’s the poster child of perpetual Islamic rage… spoofed by bloggers… gone mano a mano with Russert. He’s been properly described by Michelle Malkin as a professional protester…. and now we get to learn a bit more.

A friend asked, “don’t those complainers ever work?” Nope.

July 2, 2007

Thanks, Michelle

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Michelle Malkin and her Hot Air blog are two of my favorite things. Right now junpin’ timmy qualifies as a parasite; it appears 100% of our traffic is coming directlymm-with-flag.jpg from the MM blog.

We’ll take the crumbs from that table any day!

Malkin builds a loyal following. She does her homework and is never afraid to defend her craftmanship… because she’ll have the facts at hand.

There are personalities that do well because they are simply needed. Rush Limbaugh has done that for quite some time and helped spawn an industry so threatening to progressives they’re willing to do a hatchet job on the First Amendment. Michelle has done the same for the immigration debate and, alas, she has to beat back the barbarians as well.

If you take the time to follow Michelle’s blog work, you’ll come to respect her love of God and family, her dedication to country and her desire to make our government functional and accountable. That’s a pretty darn good mix, especially in this period when border security means terror control.

The latest thrill for Malkin fans involves her increasing involvement with the (Bill) O’Reilly Factor on Fox. Man, it’s better than Friday night at the fights. Lots of head shots. But it’s cruel at times… my word, who put that defenseless man on the set with her! What? His name is Geraldo? Somebody card that dude!

Found this photo at this location, which I wouldn’t recommend visiting. Happy 4th of July to all… and God Bless America!

Out of the Amnesty Closet

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FLASH: Must read piece on Chertoff by Michelle Malkin.

Michael Chertoff has a problem. His job as Homeland Security Secretary is to defend the sovereignty and safety of these United States. But it’s hopeless.

Pundents are falling all over themselves trying to explain the motivations of Chertoff, the President, Senator McCain, etc. etc. in support of the Senate’s grand compromise Immo Bill. Do they wish to cherish families, or help the less fortunate… are they so pro-business that they can stomach semi-slave labor… or, maybe this compassionate conservative idea has morphed into a North American Unity movement?

Read Chertoff’s lips – the insiders have simply given up on enforcing the law. Quote, “We don’t really have the ability to enforce the law with respect to illegal work in this country in a way that’s truly effective.” Just wave the magic federal wand, make ’em all legal and we don’t need to enforce the darn law. And the Senate was supposed to ride along with that conclusion!

chertoff-6252007.jpgChertoff knows the key to stopping the influx of illegals is to take away the job carrot. But if we can’t effectively enforce our labor laws, it’s just time to call a spade a club? Just give up and reclassify the offenders? This is focus point of so much anger among our citizens on this issue. If the respect and rule of law is waived for a special class, why should the rest of us give a whistle?

Donald Rumsfeld said, “As you know, you go to war with the Army you have. They’re not the Army you might want or wish to have at a later time.” Chertoff should resign, of course. The Congress should investigate the Chertoff Declaration – that our labor laws are unenforceable – to resolve the inherent problems and identify the solutions. The issue could be a grand bipartisan project with a focus on crippling bad employers and drying up job opportunities for illegals. In the mean time, you use the tools we have and go for maximum effect on every case prosecuted, every company raided. Yea… and about that time I get my date with Marilyn Monroe.

This ought to be the LEADING Republican issue for 2008 – but is the Grand Old Party still listening to its loyalists?

Associated (with Terrorists) Press photo: “HS Secretary Michael Chertoff demonstrates the effectiveness of fencing, in background, to control trespassing citizens. Chertoff cautioned that border fencing fails to ameliorate illegal pedestrian traffic.”

Those must be great tires!

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My Saturn is sporting a great set of Goodyear Assurance ComforTreds that I highly recommend if you’re wanting a quiet, long-lasting yet affordable tire. But the arrival Sunday of space shuttle Atlantis to our little strip of pavement in Bellevue, Nebraska got me thinking about the tires on the 747 that does the hauling.

The story says the 747 is a “modified” craft, so maybspace_shuttlesff_nenh102_20070701200636.jpge the tires they use are different than for passenger use. Maybe they slap on the ComforTreds when hauling passengers, but pop on the tough TripleTreds when it’s shuttle haulin’ time. For some fun facts about the Boeing 747, see this page. As it turns out, the 747 is an 18-wheeler… sixteen main gear treads plus the “wheelie” pair up front. The shuttle hauler is likely a 747-400 Freighter model, and is capable of handling about 875,000 pounds of vehicle and fuel at lift off.

One site I found claims a shuttle and cargo maximum weight of about 230,000 pounds. This is a great fit with the Freighter’s max cargo capacity of about 245,000 pounds. It would be interesting to know a bit more about the effect of putting that shuttle pup on top… maybe adds a touch of lift, a ton of drag and a sluggish feel to the controls?

Let’s see… 18 tires and that much weight… that’s almost 50,000 pounds per tire at take off! Incredible… they’ve gotta be Goodyears. But the shuttle itself is shod with Michelins and that tire gets a workout. Just imagine – must handle bitter cold and vacuum of space, yet withstand landing at 250 MPH. Wonder how many landings they get on a set?

I think I’ll get the daughter up early and toss her on the motorcycle. Maybe we can hang out near the base and watch the Freighter take off with Atlantis.

Reminds me of a joke… old Billy Carter was in Atlanta and asked about getting a plane ticket to go to Dallas. The counter clerk told him they had a direct flight to Dallas departing at 10:00 AM that would arrive at 10:20 Dallas time. Billy asked for clarification. “You mean to tell me that plane will get from Atlanta to Dallas in just 20 minutes?” The clerk confirmed the schedule. “Would you like a ticket?” she asked. “Heck NO,” replied Billy, “but if you don’t mind I think I’ll stick around to watch that sucker take off!”

You are not in Iraq, Mohammed!

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Pants on fire and you’re not sure what country you’re burning in? One thing is for certain; if the people you were attacking when you set fire to yourself are dousing you with water to try to save what’s left of your flaming hide, you’re undoubtably in a land ruled by laws based on principles established by Christ. In this particular case, the United Kingdom.

Hey, we won’t celebrate the pain this guy experienced due to his burns. But there won’t be any tears shed over his “tragedy” and we’ve all had a belly full of the followers of the death cult founded by an illiterate. Attempting to burn folks at the Glasgow, Scotland airport with a air-fuel bomb SUV ought to earn the death penalty during the fastest trial in modern history.

One thing about the Muslim violence in Europe – we can sure learn a bunch if we just pay attention. The thugs themselves are teaching the English that all the crap they thought about terrorists is hogwash. These creeps aren’t disinfranchised, poor, uneducated droolers who just can’t help themselves when the local mullah stirs the pot. They’re upper middle class rat bastards who have time and money to dedicate to jihad. In this picture we have a terrorist doctor who’s trying to open the back of the SUV he stole to expose a number of propane cylinders to the fire he’s kicked off with gasoline on and around the vehicle. He also managed to douse himself with petrol in the process and, for a short period of time, was the ugliest fag lighter in the Kingdom.

Thanks to the Daily Mail for the photo. “An airport constable, having flagged down a passing swine transport, uses the truck’s dark water tank pump to defeat this jihadi’s explosion and self-immolation plans.”

Confirmed: AlGore’s “Science” is Ca-Ca

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New piece by James Taylor of the Chicago Sun-Times confirms that AlGore ain’t been truthful during this whole global hot rash craze. This discovery was only aalgore.jpg matter of timing… too many studies are now being funded to allow him to continue to wing it under the radar like he’s been doing. This whole sham global warming thing has always met with derision by Rush Limbaugh and others with enough brains to realize it’s the Sun, stupid, that ultimately determines temperature. Along with many secondary effects and factors, the weather changes. Period.

Got a nasty between your cheek and gum? Probably one of those turdies you’ve been peddlin’, Mr. Gore.

Skid on the Snakes

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I need to share this story behillary-ruthless.jpgfore I offer too many other thoughts on the 2008 campaign, ’cause it’s the first filter I use on all things Hillary.

A friend, now retired, had a very distinguished legal career in the Midwest. He (let’s call him Jacob) had the rare opportunity to work extensively with a certain attorney in Little Rock, and that multi-week Arkansas experience shook him to the bone. Specializing in big ticket dog fights, this experienced lawyer had seen it all – dramatic courtroom testimony, fist pounding sessions in Judge’s chambers, nasty last minute wheeling and dealing. But the Little Rock experience was different.

Sure, Jacob had watched attorneys lie before, and he himself was adept at finding the right buttons to push in hard and ugly ways. But this woman was different, and she was given control by the Rose firm to head their assembled legal team for this case. The goal was to settle before it went to court, and to settle for far more than any court would award. It was exactly the sort of case that defines Mrs. Clinton’s career; an opportunity to make the boys look like dimwitted wimps.

Eventually everyone involved in the case – lawyers both from the Rose team and the other side – came to fear and loathe her. The bludgeoning was indiscriminate, with her team bloodied for being too genteel and the opponents threatened with the financial ruin of their client and their professional demise. The attack always boiled down to a simple charge: Intentional, gross incompetence with malice against Her Majesty.

Jacob’s bottom line on Bill Clinton’s wife: “She was the most ruthless person I’ve ever met.”

So, you ask, did Mrs. Clinton gain the desired settlement? In the used car business, an unusually profitable transaction might be described thusly: “We tore their lips off.” Think of the damage that occurs when attempting to extract a deeply swallowed fish hook. Translation: “They swallowed this deal so deeply it will ruin them if they try to trade before the loan is finished!” It’s a perverse way to proudly state, “We screwed them to the max!” And, yes, Mrs. Clinton tore their lips off.

Thinking of Jacob takes me back to my “naive” period concerning the Clintons, to early during Bill’s first run for the White House. Observations since have done nothing but confirm his thoughts, and in recent years more truth tellers have come forward publicly. The pattern that has emerged is one of a person so driven as to define anew such adjectives as “arrogant” and “disingenuous.” To be ruthless is to be without shame, without remorse, without empathy.

My father has always been ruthless when it comes to snakes, and he will intentionally brake into a brief wheel skid over any snake that makes the mistake of crossing the road before him. It’s a quick maneuver that will sever any serpent right in half and scrape away a sizable chunk from the middle.

That pretty much defines Mrs. Clinton’s position on people that get in her way.

Photo is by Ms. Magazine and is my “favorite” shot of Mrs. Clinton. No camera can see into the heart, so we can’t know if Mrs. Clinton really sold her soul to gain her powers of ruthlessness. But this shot has a certain revelatory feel that suggests if she did make such a purchase, that old snake took one heck of a shot to the crotch during negotiations.


July 1, 2007

#1 Rule for Rulers – Gut the Staff

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Mrs. Clinton via Assoc/w/Terrorists PressMost of us given management responsibility don’t get the opportunity to discharge all immediate subordinates. Starting with a handpicked group of loyal supporters is a dream rarely experienced in the business world.

Those who take their political rule seriously understand the importance of gutting the old staff. This eliminates tedious tasks like training old dogs new tricks, and hopefully eliminates any possibility of dragging along a saboteur. Best of all, the players know the agenda because they’re typically chosen from the team already in place.

Bush 43 failed to gut and he’s paid a big price. Leaks to the press and a disloyal state department & CIA arose to prove once again that “no good deed goes unpunished.” No one will ever remember the kindness of this President, but everyone will remember the appalling NY Times stories that have gutted security efforts. And don’t get me started on the horrendous waste known as the Plamegate Scooter fiasco.

AP Photo: “Hillary Clinton demonstrates the ‘Unaji Hold’ she unleashed in May, 1993 on White House Travel Office employees. The 2008 presidential candidate promises to use the Hold – an extreme nape grip designed to facilitate discharge processing – on all White House staff soon after her inauguration.”

June 29, 2007

Rage Boy on Meet the Press

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Too good to pass up, and a grand excuse to open a WordPress blog account. Hope you enjoy my modest contribution to the contest inspired by snapped shot, with thanks to Michelle Malkin.


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