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July 2, 2007

Skid on the Snakes

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I need to share this story behillary-ruthless.jpgfore I offer too many other thoughts on the 2008 campaign, ’cause it’s the first filter I use on all things Hillary.

A friend, now retired, had a very distinguished legal career in the Midwest. He (let’s call him Jacob) had the rare opportunity to work extensively with a certain attorney in Little Rock, and that multi-week Arkansas experience shook him to the bone. Specializing in big ticket dog fights, this experienced lawyer had seen it all – dramatic courtroom testimony, fist pounding sessions in Judge’s chambers, nasty last minute wheeling and dealing. But the Little Rock experience was different.

Sure, Jacob had watched attorneys lie before, and he himself was adept at finding the right buttons to push in hard and ugly ways. But this woman was different, and she was given control by the Rose firm to head their assembled legal team for this case. The goal was to settle before it went to court, and to settle for far more than any court would award. It was exactly the sort of case that defines Mrs. Clinton’s career; an opportunity to make the boys look like dimwitted wimps.

Eventually everyone involved in the case – lawyers both from the Rose team and the other side – came to fear and loathe her. The bludgeoning was indiscriminate, with her team bloodied for being too genteel and the opponents threatened with the financial ruin of their client and their professional demise. The attack always boiled down to a simple charge: Intentional, gross incompetence with malice against Her Majesty.

Jacob’s bottom line on Bill Clinton’s wife: “She was the most ruthless person I’ve ever met.”

So, you ask, did Mrs. Clinton gain the desired settlement? In the used car business, an unusually profitable transaction might be described thusly: “We tore their lips off.” Think of the damage that occurs when attempting to extract a deeply swallowed fish hook. Translation: “They swallowed this deal so deeply it will ruin them if they try to trade before the loan is finished!” It’s a perverse way to proudly state, “We screwed them to the max!” And, yes, Mrs. Clinton tore their lips off.

Thinking of Jacob takes me back to my “naive” period concerning the Clintons, to early during Bill’s first run for the White House. Observations since have done nothing but confirm his thoughts, and in recent years more truth tellers have come forward publicly. The pattern that has emerged is one of a person so driven as to define anew such adjectives as “arrogant” and “disingenuous.” To be ruthless is to be without shame, without remorse, without empathy.

My father has always been ruthless when it comes to snakes, and he will intentionally brake into a brief wheel skid over any snake that makes the mistake of crossing the road before him. It’s a quick maneuver that will sever any serpent right in half and scrape away a sizable chunk from the middle.

That pretty much defines Mrs. Clinton’s position on people that get in her way.

Photo is by Ms. Magazine and is my “favorite” shot of Mrs. Clinton. No camera can see into the heart, so we can’t know if Mrs. Clinton really sold her soul to gain her powers of ruthlessness. But this shot has a certain revelatory feel that suggests if she did make such a purchase, that old snake took one heck of a shot to the crotch during negotiations.



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