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July 2, 2007

Thanks, Michelle

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Michelle Malkin and her Hot Air blog are two of my favorite things. Right now junpin’ timmy qualifies as a parasite; it appears 100% of our traffic is coming directlymm-with-flag.jpg from the MM blog.

We’ll take the crumbs from that table any day!

Malkin builds a loyal following. She does her homework and is never afraid to defend her craftmanship… because she’ll have the facts at hand.

There are personalities that do well because they are simply needed. Rush Limbaugh has done that for quite some time and helped spawn an industry so threatening to progressives they’re willing to do a hatchet job on the First Amendment. Michelle has done the same for the immigration debate and, alas, she has to beat back the barbarians as well.

If you take the time to follow Michelle’s blog work, you’ll come to respect her love of God and family, her dedication to country and her desire to make our government functional and accountable. That’s a pretty darn good mix, especially in this period when border security means terror control.

The latest thrill for Malkin fans involves her increasing involvement with the (Bill) O’Reilly Factor on Fox. Man, it’s better than Friday night at the fights. Lots of head shots. But it’s cruel at times… my word, who put that defenseless man on the set with her! What? His name is Geraldo? Somebody card that dude!

Found this photo at this location, which I wouldn’t recommend visiting. Happy 4th of July to all… and God Bless America!


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