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August 1, 2007

CAIR’s Legal Thug Connects Many Dots

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joseph-sandler.jpgSee Michelle Malkin and Hot Air for details on the CAIR attack of Robert Spencer’s speech scheduled for tomorrow before the Young American Foundation. CAIR’s lawyer Joseph E. Sandler has issued a threatening letter in a ham-handed attempt to deny Mr. Spencer an opportunity to speak.

But the heart of this story is Sandler himself, who turns out to be at the center of a lefty vortex. He’s a one-man conspiracy theory in the making, so let’s connect the dots.

First, Sandler’s been General Counsel for the Democratic National Committee since 1993 – first on the DNC staff for five years, then keeping the title but as outside counsel on behalf of his new firm Sandler, Reiff & Young, PC. He’s the legal point man for all things liberal progressive. You might recall his unsavory involvement in the 2000 Florida presidential election fiasco, with Sandler explaining to the press why Gore didn’t want the daily albatross of squeaking out an election win due to a few military votes. “I can give you his exact words. ‘If I won this thing by a handful of military ballots, I would be hounded by Republicans and the press every day of my presidency and it wouldn’t be worth having.’”

Second, Sandler is a heavy hitter with the ABA. He’s Vice Chair of a committee that “considers all matters relating to the administration and regulation of federal and state elections”. He also authored chapters of ABA guidelines that involve congressional ethics and the Foreign (lobbying) Agents Registration Act. Ideal qualifications to be a FOB/FOH, and darn fine credentials for a little CAIR work on the side.

Third, Sandler has developed a reputation as a “muscle” player who doesn’t mind playing hard ball – at least with words on paper. While he looks to be anything but a physical intimidator, he is Powerline’s least favorite legal thug.

Fourth, Sandler and Kos fans run in the same circles – and sometimes Sandler and Markos Zuniga play the same crowds. Sandler spoke last year, as did Zuniga, at Commonweal’s 2006 Progressive Roundtable conference. The videos are worth watching and the Sandler lecture focused on coordination of various progressive organizations to minimize election law and tax law coordination constraints. He claims a strong distrust of the IRS (under Bush), which he believes is more political than at any time since Nixon left office. Ironically, one of the questions from the audience dealt with right wing intimidation tactics to harass liberal groups. You won’t doubt Sandler’s progressive credentials after watching the video.

Fifth, when Sandler left the DNC he really didn’t leave… his new firm would specialize in the creation of nonprofit organizations with political agendas. This led to another area of specialty – finding cracks in the law allowing coordination between the DNC, donkey PACs and other groups with liberal agendas. Later, Sandler and a partner in the firm became “election experts” as well.

Sixth, Sandler and CAIR found each other in the same way congressional liberals and terrorists have discovered they agree on hating Bush. Hooper wants to pay for influence and Uncle Joseph is there to assist. Somehow I suspect Sandler’s firm is improving our payment imbalance with Saudi Arabia, even as he finds time to scold the White House over emailing procedures.

If it seems as if everything progressive flows through Sandler’s firm, you may be right. Want to grow hemp on the back 40? Give old Joe a call.

Yes, I know – at this point you’re thinking I’m about to invent some nebulous George Soros and Joseph Sandler connection just to add frosting on this conspiracy cake. Heck, they did that years ago when Sandler was the legal muscle for MoveOn.org.

Is Joseph E. Sandler the nexus of a vast left-wing conspiratorial universe that involves foreign lobbyists, election scandals, petrol dollars, legal threats, progressive fascism, PAC shenanigans, a socialist billionaire, IRS plots and Black Hills pot farms? Maybe Malkin and O’Reilly will uncover the whole story, but Sandler surely knows how to network.

Photo: Harmless in appearance, leftist nexus Joseph E. Sandler addresses attendees at the 2006 Commonweal Institute “Progressive Roundtable” conference.


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