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July 7, 2007

Rage Boy is Bhat

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rage-boy-772007.jpgHe’s the poster child of perpetual Islamic rage… spoofed by bloggers… gone mano a mano with Russert. He’s been properly described by Michelle Malkin as a professional protester…. and now we get to learn a bit more.

A friend asked, “don’t those complainers ever work?” Nope.


July 2, 2007

You are not in Iraq, Mohammed!

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Pants on fire and you’re not sure what country you’re burning in? One thing is for certain; if the people you were attacking when you set fire to yourself are dousing you with water to try to save what’s left of your flaming hide, you’re undoubtably in a land ruled by laws based on principles established by Christ. In this particular case, the United Kingdom.

Hey, we won’t celebrate the pain this guy experienced due to his burns. But there won’t be any tears shed over his “tragedy” and we’ve all had a belly full of the followers of the death cult founded by an illiterate. Attempting to burn folks at the Glasgow, Scotland airport with a air-fuel bomb SUV ought to earn the death penalty during the fastest trial in modern history.

One thing about the Muslim violence in Europe – we can sure learn a bunch if we just pay attention. The thugs themselves are teaching the English that all the crap they thought about terrorists is hogwash. These creeps aren’t disinfranchised, poor, uneducated droolers who just can’t help themselves when the local mullah stirs the pot. They’re upper middle class rat bastards who have time and money to dedicate to jihad. In this picture we have a terrorist doctor who’s trying to open the back of the SUV he stole to expose a number of propane cylinders to the fire he’s kicked off with gasoline on and around the vehicle. He also managed to douse himself with petrol in the process and, for a short period of time, was the ugliest fag lighter in the Kingdom.

Thanks to the Daily Mail for the photo. “An airport constable, having flagged down a passing swine transport, uses the truck’s dark water tank pump to defeat this jihadi’s explosion and self-immolation plans.”

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