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July 1, 2007

#1 Rule for Rulers – Gut the Staff

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Mrs. Clinton via Assoc/w/Terrorists PressMost of us given management responsibility don’t get the opportunity to discharge all immediate subordinates. Starting with a handpicked group of loyal supporters is a dream rarely experienced in the business world.

Those who take their political rule seriously understand the importance of gutting the old staff. This eliminates tedious tasks like training old dogs new tricks, and hopefully eliminates any possibility of dragging along a saboteur. Best of all, the players know the agenda because they’re typically chosen from the team already in place.

Bush 43 failed to gut and he’s paid a big price. Leaks to the press and a disloyal state department & CIA arose to prove once again that “no good deed goes unpunished.” No one will ever remember the kindness of this President, but everyone will remember the appalling NY Times stories that have gutted security efforts. And don’t get me started on the horrendous waste known as the Plamegate Scooter fiasco.

AP Photo: “Hillary Clinton demonstrates the ‘Unaji Hold’ she unleashed in May, 1993 on White House Travel Office employees. The 2008 presidential candidate promises to use the Hold – an extreme nape grip designed to facilitate discharge processing – on all White House staff soon after her inauguration.”


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